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Cups made of "IBUSHI KAWARA" offers you the sophisticated taste

"SUIGA" made of Fire-clay
*Made of 100% fire-clay, NO chemical materials are mixed.
*Makes beverages poared in the cup much smoothier and tastier that Sake masters are all jealous.

*Retains temperature of beverages
*Cold insulation effect
*Deodorant effect
*Purify impurities by the power of charcoal.

*2012 Mention of the Japaneseinister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport  [ Master of construction award ]
*2013 Monozukuri Nippon award owned by Japanese Prime minister [ Gold Prize ]

*2018 TOP DRAWER in London

*2018.3 Cloud founding "MAKAKE" [ FUNDED ]
Since the interst for safety of food has risen day by day, functioal goods relates food industry, like cups, dishes and so on, are now on sale all over the world. We have thought of "Ibushi Kawara" also can be one of them by utilising its feature; made of natual materials wichout using glaze and scientific materials. Futhermore, the food ware will be able to draw out foods umami taste thanks to the effects of the Ibushi Kawara's carbon and far infrated rays.  The cup named "suiga" is the only food ware which are utilized "Ibushi Kawara" in the world. We are sure that the "suiga" makes you amazed when trying to drink a cup of drink like beer, sake and so on because of its smoothness and mellowness are futher improved by the "Ibushi Kawara".

*Beside the cups seriously make beveredges smoothier and much tastier, their unique shape which was designed based on the design engeneering are definitely functional for all people. Therefore we reccomend "SUIGA" for bars and restaurants who concern barrier-free service. 

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