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Sustainable Storage Box, an Inherited Craftsmanship of the Japanese Daily Commodity

Chabako - Japanese Traditional Tea Box
*Crafted with Japanese cedar tree for preservation and transportation of tea leaves since the Edo period.  *The inside of the box is lined with tin for protection against humidity, insects and oxidization.
*Can also be used to store kimono/obi, clothes, albums, dried foods (such as coffee, rice, pasta, etc.)  and almost any other general commodities.

Material: Japanese Cedar Tree
Available Size: 1K(24x17x16cm) to 60K(91x46x52cm), Nori(27x24x9cm/27x24x17cm), Stool(32x32x40cm)

*NHK "ASAICHI" (2018.4.16)

Like many traditional craft industries, the demand for Chabako has been declining rapidly. As of October 2018, there are only 6 Chabako craftsmen left in the country. However, in recent years Chabako have evolved in various ways to be given a new set of values.

Interior Chabako, offered from the Interior Chabako, Corp., our affiliated company, are fashionable, and come in many elegant designs. They are covered in different kinds of fabrics from around the world, and can be used for storage and seating. One of the fabrics we offer use traditional Japanese dying methods such as Yuzen, which are typically seen on Kimono's.

For those who just want to enjoy the simple cedar wood design, or are looking for a more practical/affordable option, we offer Chabako that are not covered in fabric. These are great alternative to plastic storage boxes, and have beautiful laser-etched design/artwork as an option.

New, sustainable way to store valuables and daily commodity. Original lager-etching designs available. Handmade, rich in cultural background, and a highly unique commodity.

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