Packed Shizuoka Oden

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Now you can enjoy this Japanese comfort food at home!


 Oden is one of Japan’s original comfort foods and is synonymous with winter and each region’s local flavors, although these days oden is also enjoyed year-round.  
 Shizuoka’s oden is well-known by Japanese to have a darker broth, flavored with beef stock, dark soya sauce and garnished with ‘dashi powder’ (a mixture of dried seaweed and fish flakes).  
 The deep rich flavor is created by replenishing ingredients as needed to the master broth over many months and even years.
 Umi Bozu’s take away packaged Oden with our exclusive recipe is now ready for you to order or stop by our restaurant and pick up!


 Founded in 1972, ‘Umi Bozu’ is a well-known Shizuoka city izakaya famous for its very own Shizuoka style,award-winning oden.Third generation CEO Mr. Shintaro Fujishima takes great pride in carrying on his family’s proud tradition of serving healthy and tasty locally sourced foods and beverages in all of their 10 restaurants.  
“Our wish is to welcome the locals as well as visitors from all over the world to come and experience the great tastes of Shizuoka! “


 Storage: Normal Temp.
 Expired date: 3 months 
   Package: Retort
 NET weight/per pack: 750g(Ingredients+Soup)
   MOQ: 10 packs
 Retail price in Japan: 4.1USD/ MOQ
   Ingredients: boiled egg, beef, fish paste cake(hanpen),raddish, konjac(a soft yet firm jelly-like)product made from an Asian vegetable known as elephant yam [Broth soup: Soy sauce, Sugar, seasonings, Dried bonito flakes, Shiitake mashroom powder, Kelp powder, Protein Hydrolyzate, Ca]. [Powder:Dried mackerel flakes, Seaweed powder] (Contains certain amount of soy bean in the ingredients)


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