SUPPA MIKAN - A mild mandarin orange concentrate

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 Our mandarin orange has a slightly different taste than regular orange concentrate.We make it fresh from early mikans(Japanese oranges, which have a zesty-lemony taste.It mixes very well with cocktails and also makes a great accompaniment as a sauce to go with any meal or dessert.
 “SUPPA MIKAN” is freshly squeezed, packaged, then frozen to capture the optimal flavours for shipping to our customers domestically and is now being offered globally.
 In our restaurants “SUPPA MIKAN” is served mixed with soda water to deliver a refreshing, lemony, mildly sour tasting fizzy drink; both with or without alcohol.This has become an absolute favorite among our customers!
  Now our freshly-frozen concentrate SUPPA MIKAN is ready for delivery to your door anywhere.


 Founded in 1972, ‘Umi Bozu’ is a well-known Shizuoka city izakaya famous for its very own Shizuoka style,award-winning oden.Third generation CEO Mr. Shintaro Fujishima takes great pride in carrying on his family’s proud tradition of serving healthy and tasty locally sourced foods and beverages in all of their 10 restaurants.  
 Umi Bozu have been working with local farmers, fisheries, markets and so on. Along with those locals we are able to find useful but little known ingredients which could be brand-new products unrivaled to the others. 
“Our wish is to welcome the locals as well as visitors from all over the world to come and experience the great tastes of Shizuoka! “


 Storage: Frozen
 Expired date: 1 year (Keep in fridge)
   Package: Vacuum and frozen
 NET weight/per pack: 500g
   MOQ: 20 pieces
 Wholesale price in Japan: 8.5USD
   Ingredients: Early harvested Japanese orange(Ao-Mikan)


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