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Keen on Japanese grilled or cooked fish products but not sure how to prepare them? We have made it very easy for you to serve up a delicious, nutritious NEW himono.


 Our newest product called “Pe’chuer” looks and feels just like fresh fish; although it is semi-dried and packaged in a modern and innovative way that preserves the taste and texture without the use of coloring or preservatives.
 Together we have collaborated with a prestigious French chef and have come up with a new, easy gourmet way to eat fish. It is a natural, convenient, quick to prepare, pre-seasoned, easy to cook and ready to serve accompaniment to any meal, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice cooks.


 We are a 4th generation, family owned fish supplier that began producing and selling semi-dried fish in 1912.
 Senior manager Hiroshi Komatsu says ”In keeping with changing consumer demands for high quality, nutritious and delicious dried fish products over the years, we remain focused on innovative ways to continue supplying both the older traditional dried fish of the past with today’s newer semi-dried fish products.
 Our high tech preserving methods keep their color, texture and optimal freshness using less salt than in the past and are still quick and easy to prepare for today’s busy, modern lifestyles”.


 *Cirtus-Marinated Red Snapper Fish
 Storage: Frozen
 Expired date: 1 year (Keep in fridge)
   Package: Vacuum and frozen
 NET weight/per pack: 150g
   MOQ: 10 pieces
 Retail price in Japan: 20.3USD
   Ingredients: Red snapper fish(Shizuoka), Salt, Olive oil, Mandarin


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