Organic Matcha KATSURA

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Many health benefits as well, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


 Ceremony grade powder, high quality and subtle tones of “umami” for maximum taste, versatile usage; from traditional to trendy drinks from cooking to coloring and baking.


 In the 1960s our founding father, Mr.Soichi Akiyami became sick from spraying agrichemicals on his tea plants and from then on it was decided to return to more traditional ‘chemical free’ tea growing practices. With great pride, grandson and CEO: Mr.Sakiakibara continuously strives to use and perfect the organic farming methods that his grandfather and father began on the family’s tea plantation over 50 years ago.


 Certified as "Organic JAS(Japan Agricultural Standards)".
   Storage: Normal temp.
 Expired date: 1 year
   Package:  Air tight, moisture proof bags 
 NET weight/per pack: 40g
   MOQ: 12 pieces
 Wholesale price in Japan: 6.26USD
   Ingredients: Organic green tea leaves

 *We prepare bulk package as well. Ask us more detai!


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