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Organic Matcha from "CHIRAN" Japan's big 4 tea brand


CHIRAN is a home for samurai and tea, and the Japan's big 4 tea brand. Hamada family tries new tea innovation but still care about the tradition. The third generation of young couple in CHIRAN now is working for the offshoring of their organic tea to US market. ​They keep close relationship with partner tea farmers and work together to grow the best tea. Their product control records are kept for perfect traceability. All for good quality tea.
CHIRAN matcha from Hamada is a world-class matcha which is guaranteed to be organic!
Hamada tea also has sencha which is grown in CHIRAN. Their sencha is significantly fruity, an aroma similar to that of a freshly speared grape.
Tasting memo: Matcha's comfort bitterness with rich taste.









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